Belotero Hydro – Always giving you extra

Belotero Hydro is compelled to make your skin more younger looking than it ever was. It helps decline dryness in skin by adding hydration to it. The treatment surgery of Belotero is completely painless as the treatment requires needles which are made extremely fine that it does not give pain when punctured into the skin.

The Belotero Hydro injections are produced to administer on the areas such as neck, face; specifically to remove nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, forehead creases, chin lines etc, décolletage or hands.

Belotero Hydro is mainly incorporated purposely through a fine needle to make your skin younger looking and fresh. It has 18 mg hyaluronic acid present in 1 ml of this filler. But make sure that you buy fresh product – you can buy Belotero Hydro injections for face rejuvenation from Hyaldirect. We will talk more about quality vendors later.

Belotero Hydro – Always giving you extra

Treatment Mechanism

Belotero Hydro has a complete procedure to fulfill the hydration of your skin. it requires two to three sitting per month during the treatment phase. This is because initial sitting are compulsory to maintain a balance of moisture that will sustain until the effect of Belotero Hydro is faded.

The patient using this treatment for filling their hydration requirement would need to have 2 sittings per year after the initial treatment has been completed. However, this duration is much lesser than any other filler but the unique combination of compounds is obviously something that any other filler is not offering up till now.

Side Effect of Belotero Hydro

The word “side effects” itself is extremely horrifying especially when it comes to the most sensitive areas of your body i.e. skin. However, this treatment is neither terrifying nor its side effects are. They are temporary and will leave your skin within two-three weeks. The non-permanent side effects may include:

  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Numbing
  • Slight pain

Vendors for purchase

Belotero hydro can be bought through an online website; Hyaldirect by just making a few clicks to your electronic devices or smart phones to get them delivered at your home. They have facilitating their customers for a long time and have achieved a well worthy trust relationship between buyer and seller.

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